Adult Ministries

Milestone 2 : Beginning in God’s Word

Whether its picking up a Bible for the first time, reading The Story with the rest of the church, or listening to an audio book version of the Bible, the first time you explore the entirety of the Bible is a huge milestone in your faith development.  Feel free to talk to a pastor or small group leader to help you begin this milestone.

Milestone 4 : Faith Commitment

Baptism and Membership – Adult baptism and membership Sundays take place twice a year.  Preceding the Sunday will be a month-long class for preparation.  Baptism by immersion will be offered annually. To read more about our baptism beliefs click here.

Milestone 5 : Commitment to Purity

Single and Married retreats – committing to purity is important for all adults, both single and married. Annual retreats/classes are offered to help adults commit to purity as singles and reaffirm their marriage covenant as couples.

Milestone 7 : Life in Christ

Living a Life in Christ never ends. The milestones we celebrate as we continue to live this life in Christ include but are not limited to the following:

      • becoming a tither
      • service to the community
      • conquering a habit, hurt, or hang-up
      • completing Financial Peace/Generation Change
      • first mission trip
      • reading through the Bible
      • being in a small group for a year
      • completion of a service commitment to the church
      • physical, relational, emotional, spiritual healing
      • commitment to fill-time ministry
      • sharing your testimony
      • leading someone to their first commitment to Christ
      • commitment to a spiritual discipline (i.e. fasting, prayer, Bible study, etc)
      • completion of Stephen’s Ministry
      • attend each level of camp (Elementary, Jr. high, Sr. high)  for the first time
      • special wedding anniversary
      • debt free

Opportunities for Fellowship, Service, and Growth

United Methodist Women
Monthly meetings – These meetings generally include dessert, a presentation from a local or international mission (recent projects have included human trafficking and local Christian rehab centers), and the business of the group.  Contact the church office for more information.
Young Adults (18-35)
Get-togethers, Conferences, and Spiritual Growth Opportunities.  Contact Sarah Miller to get involved.
Baby Boom Boomers
The Baby Boomers take many opportunities throughout the year for times of fellowship.  From attending sporting events, throwing a chili cook off, and enjoying the biggest football game of the year together are just a few of the ways they connect outside Bible Study and worship.
Older Adults
Older Adult Luncheon – takes place on the third Tuesday of each month at 11:30am.  Contact the church for the upcoming location.
Special classes and retreats – Throughout the year, there are many special opportunities for growth in faith,  Look for any of the following and more!
  • Financial Peace University
  • Marriage or Singles Retreats
  • Potluck with a Purpose





Faith Small Groups

Sunday Morning Small Groups

  • “Followship” Sunday School Class  – Room 114/115
    • Followship class 2014This class is multi-generational, and often consists of people ages 35-80, although we always welcome young people. Generally, our class consists of 10-15 people. We tend to focus on studies that relate to how we as Christians can live a more Godly life in our modern-day society.
    • Leader: Vickie Stevens
  • Family Matters – Upstairs Classroom
    • This is a very informal class for individuals with children from birth to senior high. In addition to meeting weekly for study and discussion, this class seeks to build community with one another. They want to be there to support and encourage one another as they raise their families. They also work together to serve the church and community. Currently, they are helping the mission committee with the ink cartridge mission. hr-0468-467-117--0468467117016In the past, they have gone Christmas caroling, organized activities at Brentwood, and hosted parties for the kids at Bashor Children’s Home. If you are a parent looking for community, please join us. 
    • Leader: Beth Williams
  • Inter-generational Group “Gatekeepers” – Parlor
    • If you are looking for an inter-generational Sunday school class then come to the Parlor. This class is an easy-going, multi-generational, discussion-based class. We like to dig in deep to scripture and thus often move slowly through a curriculum.  
    • Leader: Becky Nelson
  • Baby Boom Boomers –Room 102 (Conference Room)
    • If you are still working or recently retired, empty-nested or caring for your parents—in other words, if you are a Baby Boomer—this class is for you.  Stop in and join a great group! They do several activities throughout the year from chili & soup cook-offs to baseball games and their own version of the Olympics. 
    • Leader: Jim Smith
  • Moving Forward– Room 112
    • This wonderful group of women meets, prays for each other, talks about a book of interest to widows, and would love to have you come and join! We are studying Where Do I Go From Here?  by Miriam Neff

Other Adult Classes and Group

  •  On Wednesday:
    • Ladies Bible Study – 5:15 PM in Rm 102 (Conference Room)
      • This group of ladies will be taking a break for the summer, but plan to join them after Labor Day!
        • Leader: Irene Weesner
    • Small Group – 6:30 PM – Starts 2/15 for 6 weeks
      • “24 Hours that Changed the World”
        • Leader: Pastor John
  • On Thursday:
    • Men’s Bible Study – 6:30 a.m.
      • This group is a blend of men from area churches.  They meet together at Mayberry Cafe in Elkhart.