“Moving Forward”

For the past two-and-a-half years Faith UMC has been on a journey sponsored by The Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church called “Fruitful Congregations.”  As a result of this journey our church has set forth and adopted the guidelines that you will find below.  Please pray for the Holy Spirit to ignite and saturate our church as we move forward in accomplishing the tasks set before us. In Christ’s Peace,

Pastor John

The Mission of Faith UMC is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The Vision of Faith UMC is to become like the Good Shepherd for the children and families entrusted to our care. In our community . . .

  • 57% of homes do not have a faith community (MissionInsight, 2017);
  • single parents raise children with little support;
  • blended families struggle with unique circumstances;
  • children are being abandoned, left to make their own way in life;
  • still others are dealing with societal challenges such as addictions, human trafficking, incarceration,

       and abuse. These families and children are the lost sheep, desperately in need to be found and brought into the loving arms of Jesus Christ.  It is our responsibility to shepherd them so that they might be transformed by the precious love of our Savior and experience the joy of His unconditional love. The Three Year Objectives of Faith UMC include the following:

  1. Sunday mornings will have more families with children, with at least 25 of those families coming from our Kingdom Kids Early Learning Center.
  2. All family ministries at Faith including Kingdom Kids will have an overabundance of volunteers to fulfill program and ministry needs.
  3. We will have discipleship opportunities for all ages, including opportunities for families with children.
  4. There will be a family needs coordinator paid or unpaid, and a team that is focused on helping families based on our mission and vision.
  5. Our church’s management systems (facilities, communication, etc.) will be in place and functioning in an efficient, effective way.